There is a better way

Samson Business Advisors arrange the funding when you may not have the cash flow or prefer to invest your resources into business growth rather than tying up income in a court case.

What is Litigation Funding?

When courts are involved it becomes costly and time-consuming, leaving you without the necessities and requirements to maintain and successfully operate your business - Not to mention the additional stresses on you, colleagues and family. 

Samson Advisory takes the reigns immediately, and quickly sources finances for your court case(s) to allow you to stay focused on what you do best, run your business and let us take care of the sourcing the costs and handling the legalities. 


We have a large reservoir of local and international funding options to suit and a dedicated team of litigators to handle any legal requirement. We put aces in their places with an understanding that each case is unique and we source funding and legal representation specifically to your individual need - on a case by case basis. 


Talk to Samson Business Advisors - delivering the best outcome for you, your company and your peace of mind.