Secured Lending with 24 Hour Approvals*

When attempting to obtain finance for growth, debt or any other reason you are seeking a financial solution – most businesses find they are still treated as if they don’t matter and there are few alternatives to borrow when we need it most.

Have you been refused financing for your business? Business-related finance should be looked upon as a positive and preferred by the banks and lenders - but that’s not the case.

Samson Business Advisors are leaders in lending and support business which can’t or simply just prefer not to utilise any of the big banks or financial institutions. When it comes to borrowing, financing or related purpose lending; talk to Samson Business Advisors.

We look at your business with the respect it deserves and then make an informed decision based on your individual needs and requirement.

It is not as difficult to get approval and obtain funds for your business as you may think. The banks may not want to talk, but we do! Better than just talk, Samson can offer a range of business financing solutions for your business needs. Samson Business Advisors are industry specialists in caveat non-bank lending.