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Samson Business Advisors handle the ATO on your behalf

so you can focus on your business.

If you're having issues with the Australian Tax Office

we'd like to help. Your first consultation is FREE. 

What are ATO Negotiations? 

When dealing with the ATO there are additional conversations that need to be had. The Australian Tax Office can be a difficult place to deal with.


All debt negotiation is a back and forth conversation between debtor and creditor (or creditors) to settle a debt on a set of terms that benefit all interested parties.


When you authorise Samson Advisors to negotiate on your behalf, the calls cease and any communication with the Tax Office is now handled by us.


It gives you the needed time back to do what you do best; to get on and operate your business and allows us to do what we do best - Negotiate with the Tax Office.


​Why Choose Samson?


When dealing with debts and particularly the Australian Tax Office (ATO) you may find that they and other creditors are willing to accept a lesser payment than your actual total debt - if they receive your due amount in a lump sum.

Having a professional debt negotiator can be a blessing or a hindrance, it depends on your choice of negotiator and how they handle your obligations and timeframe.


Did you know that debt negotiators do not require any qualifications, licence or specific training? 

Don't leave yourself in a position of vulnerability by appointing a firm that cannot handle your needs. Samson Advisory is a national firm with a wealth of experience, knowledge and most importantly - financial qualifications.

Our relationships with the ATO and relevant bodies put us ahead of the pack - It's not just the experience, we have the right qualifications and achieve results.

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