Solutions for Australian Directors and SME's

Samson offers financial solutions for all business requirements, second mortgages and lending for business purposes. We arrange, borrow and get your approval within 24 hours. We offer no obligation quotations and advice for your financial needs. 

We are experts in dealing with the Australian Taxation Office. Contact our consultants today at Samson Advisory. We will lead you through the minefield that is dealing with the ATO and alleviates any worries you have and arrange a solution that works for you.

Are your debts getting out of control? We resolve issues through our management systems and alleviate future issues and take the drama out of collecting outstanding debts. Talk to our debt collection professionals today. You will be glad you did.

Samson Business Advisors arrange the funding when you may not have the cash flow or prefer to invest your income into business growth rather than tying it up in long term legalities and court cases. 

When courts are involved it becomes costly and time-consuming, leaving you without the necessities and requirements to maintain and successfully operate your business - Not to mention the additional stresses on you, colleagues and family. 

We guarantee professionalism and complete confidentiality throughout the process. For a no-obligation consultation or just a quick phone call, please get in touch - We are here for you. Talk to Samson's professional team of financial advisors today. Call us now!

A Creditor's Statutory Demand is a warning from a creditor and states that if you don't pay your debts or come to an arrangement that the creditor agrees to, they can begin the process of court proceedings to make you bankrupt.

This is a legal matter with a specific timeline (21 days), so DON'T ignore a Statutory Demand! The next step will be a winding-up application against your company. You do have options.

Found your new home?

A bridging loan is a short-term interest-only loan that covers the time between buying your new property and settling on your existing one. Samson Business Advisors are industry specialists in caveat non-bank lending.